Tenants Information

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Call our office to arrange a viewing : 01522 853128 

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How do I arrange to view a property?
Simply call the office on 01522 853128 or email office@charlestownproperties.co.uk and we will confirm when viewings will be available.

How do I book a house?

  • Submit a completed Application Form
  • Sign the Tenancy Agreement
  • Provide proof of ID to confirm your 'Right to Rent' in the UK.
  • Provide a booking payment of £50 (excluding current tenants). Unless otherwise advertised
  • Submit a completed Guarantor Form. The guarantor should be living and working in the UK. 

What is included in the rent?
Charlestown Properties provides an excellent all-inclusive package.

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Possessions Insurance
  • Wireless broadband
  • TV licence
  • Digital TV channels
  • Large flat screen TV

Do I have to be part of a group to book a property?
No. Most properties are quickly reserved by groups although there may be opportunities to reserve one room in a shared house. Please call or send us an email to find out the availability.

How much is the damage deposit? 
The damage deposit is £200 and is payable by the start of the tenancy. Keys will not be issued if this has not been paid. The damage deposits will be protected in accordance with government legislation in a deposit protection scheme. The deposit, less any deductions (eg for damage, loss or refuse disposal) will be returned at the end of the tenancy.

How can I make rent payments? 
Payments are accepted by:

  • dtanding order (forms will be provided)
  • debit cards (Tel: 01522 853128). Credit cards are not accepted.
  • online bank transfers (Tel: 01522 853128 for details)

(For security reasons we cannot to accept cash payments).

What is the period of the tenancy?
Most tenancies start in June or July. We also have a small number of tenancies starting in August or September. Please check the advert for each house, or contact the office for details. 

Moving-In Guidance

  1. Moving-in Appointment. The first person to move into a house must arrange a moving-in appointment. This can be arranged by ringing our office at least 3 working days before your intended arrival. This person will be required to check and sign for the contents and condition of the house on behalf of the group - including all bedrooms. Please liaise as a group to discuss who will be the first to move in. If you wish to check your own room and mattress please ensure you are present during this appointment. Other tenants are then welcome to collect their keys directly from the office during normal office hours on the following day onwards.
  2. Mattress protectors. Charlestown uses high quality hotel grade mattresses. To avoid damage from accidental marks and spills please use a good quality mattress protector and base sheets.
  3. Holidays. If the house is likely to be empty during the summer please ensure all doors and windows are closed and bedroom doors are locked. Remove valuables. Upon your return please run the hot & cold taps for 2 minutes to flush the water system to help safeguard against Legionella.

Moving-Out Guidance

  1. Final Inspection and Key Return : The last person to move out should arrange a final inspection. Please ring the office  at least 3 working days before you intend to move out. During this appointment a member of our team will check the house. All other tenants must hand their keys into the office in person.
  2. Keys: Keys must be returned in person, to avoid replacement costs. For security reasons please do not leave them with anyone else or return them by post.
  3. Property Condition. The house must be returned in the same high standard that it was presented in. As a group you are equally responsible for the house whether or not you are the last to leave. Another copy of the inventory can provided on request.
  4. Unwanted items. All possessions and rubbish must be removed from the house. Any items left at the end of the tenancy will be disposed of at a the tenants' expense.

Moving to another house managed by Charlestown ?
If your new tenancy starts the day after your current tenancy, or overlaps, you are welcome to arrange move-in / move-out appointments for the same day. We are unable to accommodate you or your possessions if there is a gap between tenancies (tenancy dates were provided at the time of booking).  Please contact the office for full details.

Staying in your current house?
You are welome to stay at the house between the current and new tenancies if the gap is for 1 week or less. (Longer gaps may require you to vacate the house due to building/alterations works - please check with the office).
If new tenants are due to join you in the house members of Charlestown and our contractors will require access to the house to prepare bedrooms for the new arrivals. We are unable to specify dates and times and look forward to your understanding.